Geeks and humour

March 30, 2007

I saw a great comic/thingy on xkcd.com; it’s so great because I’m a scientist (or that’s how I like to see myself), and I base decisions and theories on some sort of logic. That’s why I fail so often in love… it doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, it perfectly expresses my feelings (also, as a geek, expressing feelings is not one of my sellingpoints … ;) ).

(This is the t-shirt version)



  1. Hahaha, love is indeed a very troublesome thing. It stays a mystery for all even for the most wise and smart ones ;)
    But you are doing quite good in the love area imo :P

  2. There’s a slightly similar joke.

    1. to date women, you need money and time, so
    money * time = women
    2. but time is money (time = money)
    money * money = women
    3. money is the root of evil, therefore
    evil = women

    I know it’s sexist and unture, but funny (:

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