Received LPs / CDs

April 23, 2007

A few days ago (saturday), just 5 days after it was shipped, I received the LPs/CDs I ordered a few days before that from constellation records. A few albums from Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Do Make Say Think, Exhaust, Fly Pan Am, and a compilation CD.

They’re amazing; especially the LPs look great, and the F#A#∞ album includes a penny crushed by a train, hand-glued picture on the front, de-bossed titles … Simply amazing.
Some cd’s look silkscreened; it has a very nice touch… I’m not sure if the word is correct, but suffice it to say it looks good.

These people really deserved my money; they’re really in it for the music, and you can hear it.


One comment

  1. I’m still surprised about the time it took to arrive. They must have shipped it with ‘express’, so I’m wondering how much they actually gain from the profits…If they even make a profit at all. The effort alone is worth tons. The little note does make it worth it xP

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