Free online games (MMORPG)

April 24, 2007

So I’ve been browsing the net for free games and I’ve stumbled apon a few nifty ones.
It seems that the gaming community on the net is getting better and better. No need to buy any games in the shops anymore! XD
The games I’m currently playing are mostly multi mass online role playing games. Don’t know what those are? Do World of Warcraft or Guild wars sound familiar? Exactly ;) No one, who is a real gaming fanatic, hasn’t heard of those. They are the creme de la creme at the moment. Millions of people gather around behind their compies to log on and play for hours. Well I’ve searched the net for gaming pleasure of the same quality! Well, at least the same influence on your mental health.
The addiction factor, quality of the graphics, user friendly gameplay and community have been reviewed.
I’ll post a list of a few games that will be looked at, installed and tested.
(I will try at least ^w^)

Tales of Pirates
Flyff (Fly for Fun)
Myth war

Do note that these games are 2D and 3D games. The text based ones have been excluded, cos I’m not a big fan of those. That does not mean that one can’t love a text base role play game. There are a lot of fans for those kinds as well.

I’ve installed Silkroad a few months back and it’s a great game. Oriental theme and very much like Guild wars. The graphics are great for a free game, but there are a few problems with logging in. Their servers are always full, so you need to be very lucky to get on. That was my main problem, when playing it. I hope they added a few more servers to keep their users satisfied, cos that was a real pain in the ass. It was the main reason that I booted it from my compy.

Leveling and in game quests are fairly easy to do. You need to read up on all the features, else you will get into a bit of trouble. The fighting part is not the problem. Knowing to trade and the alchemy is somewhat difficult. These things are very important in Silkroad. Just as it was in the past with the silkroad/route of Asia. The storyline is quite nice in my opinion.

The people are also very friendly and helpful. There are a lot of young people and most are asians. You see a lot of asian chatter floating past, so be aware that you’ll probably meet a lot of people lacking english. The thing that had caught my attention was the personal messaging system. It’s a one on one pop up box and not some text on the screen. The messages have a cap, so you can’t rant and have long and boring stories xD

Nonetheless a big thumbs up.

For a free game (total): +
Addiction: 0 (I have Guild wars, so it wasn’t too attractive for me >w
Graphics: +
Gameplay: +
Community: +Click the pics for a bigger view ;)



  1. Each day your geekiness is growing and growing … ;). But those little reviews could come in handy when looking for a game. In my opinion there are too much of those games, so you’ll probably miss the best ones.

  2. Miss the best ones? Well I’m sorting on personal preference, so it’s all relative xD
    I’ll be adding some more, especially the ones with a lot of users already ;)

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