Do Make Say Think

May 9, 2007

Previous saturday, May 5th, we went to a concert of Do Make Say Think in Paradiso. They performed really great on the small stage; it had barely enough room for the artists and instruments. Then again, there were 8 members on stage:

  • 2 drummers
  • 1 guitarist (electric/bass) / saxophone
  • 1 saxophone
  • 1 violinist
  • 1 guitarist
  • 1 guitarist / keyboard / strange thingy
  • 1 trumpetist

The sound was earthshattering, and hope to find a bootleg of the concert soon.

I also made some pictures; actually, I made about 100 of them, but these were the best ones:

do-make-say-think-008-1.jpg do-make-say-think-033-1.jpg do-make-say-think-013-1.jpg do-make-say-think-061-1.jpg

 do-make-say-think-064-1.jpg do-make-say-think-076-1.jpg do-make-say-think-095-1.jpg

Some pictures are quite dark; but I already had to shoot with high ISO, so some noise reduction was necessary :'(

I’m already saving for a SLR camera to replace my Powershot A95.



  1. Nice photos, though a bit more variety would be welcome. Don’t you mean DSLR?

  2. Yeah; I wanted to include the drummers, but they were too far away (with zoom the pictures got blurry :\)
    (And yes, I meant a DSLR ;) )

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