Apple+Customer Service=Apple

May 15, 2007

Today I mailed Apple about my iPod Nano. I got it in december 2005, and recently (about a month ago), it didn’t function anymore. I couldn’t put any music on it, making it largely useless. When I went to the Apple store, they basicallly told me: “Bad luck. Buy a new one.”. It was out of warranty, and they refused to do anything. Yes, the could send it in for repair, but then the cost would simply be higher than a new one (they didn’t know what was wrong though). That’s what Apple thinks about customer service.

However, civil law in Holland gave me some help; it basically states that the apparatus should function as a consumer (and manufacturer) expect, otherwise the manufacturer needs to help you. Together with a law (directive) from the EU, which basically states that the consumer has at least 2 years of support on products, made me write the letter. I gave them 4 weeks to come up with a solution. It became a fairly long letter, and I’m curious about what Apple will say. Will they deny civil law, or will they comply?

I hope they’ll do something about it; it’s too expensive to throw it away after 1.5 years.



  1. not going legal on me now, are we sonny?

  2. Yes I am … It’s the only chance I have :\
    I want to kick those guys from apple so hard in their beanbags, you could see their nuts in their eyesockets. Legally speaking, of course.

  3. […] 11th, 2007 by nullify About a week ago, Apple replied to my complaints. Basically, they said that if I can prove that the iPod was broken when I bought it (or, that the […]

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