June 11, 2007

Previous thursday, June 7th, we went to see 65daysofstatic. The concert was great, albeit a little short, but it was really hot and they were jumping around. I got tired watching them ;).

As usual, I tried to make some pictures; you can see 2 of them on the concert page. There was not much light (they said at the beginning of the concert: “If we look as bad as we smell, you should dim the light…”, then the light was dimmed ;).

The pictures aren’t great, almost bad, but I had to choose a high ISO and a high shutterspeed (did I mention they were moving fast?)… but at least it’s something. The noise doesn’t bother me, but they’re too dark.

65days 65daysofstatic


  1. You were lucky. When I saw them live, I didn’t get to take pictures: I had to keep up with the crowd’s fast swirl…
    Very energetic live band, that’s for sure.

  2. Maybe the people in Amsterdam were too laid-back ;)… only a small portion of the people were jumping around ;).

  3. […] yes, the support act was 65 Days of static; we’ve seen them before, but now their set was very short (or we were much too late). I didn’t like their performance […]

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