November 11, 2007

Last friday (november 9) we went to see Mono in Haarlem (Patronaat). They were simply amazing, the great dynamic between the melodic intros and the deafening white noise were almost hypnotizing.

Of course, I made some pictures; I really start to see the limitations of my Powershot A95. High ISO with a low shutter speed aren’t the best ingredients for concert photography. Nevertheless, I’m quite satisfied with these pictures: (low jpeg quality and low resolution because of wordpress-limitations on space)

Mono, live in Haarlem (Patronaat) Nov 9, 2007 mono-live-in-haarlem-patronaat-nov-9-2007-2.jpg mono-live-in-haarlem-patronaat-nov-9-2007-3.jpg

mono-live-in-haarlem-patronaat-nov-9-2007-4.jpg mono-live-in-haarlem-patronaat-nov-9-2007-5.jpg mono-live-in-haarlem-patronaat-nov-9-2007-6.jpg


One comment

  1. Pictures looks nice, glad you enjoyed the concert.

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