Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band

April 9, 2008

Last Saturday we went to see TSMZMO&TB in Tivoli, Utrecht (Oudegracht). They mostly played songs from their new album ’13 blues for thirteen moons’, but also played ‘Microphones in the trees’ (from the ‘Pretty Little Lightning Paw’ album), ‘Metal Bird’ (yet unreleased), and ‘Hang on to Each Other (from ‘Horses in the Sky’).

We arrived a little bit later than I expected, so most of the seats were already taken, which meant we had to sit in the back. I tried to make some pictures, but as usual, it was very dark and I had to zoom. I tried to improve it somewhat with photoshop, and a conversion to black&white.

Efrim Efrim and Jessica (?) Eric (almost invisible), Ian (?), Beckie, and Sophie (almost) the complete band

Some pictures from
flickr :



  1. Looks like some “hippies”… :)

  2. Lol. Not too much wrong with that though :P

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