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July 31, 2009

About a week ago we went to see Propagandhi in the Melkweg (Amsterdam). It was almost 8 years ago that I saw them, so I was really looking forward to it. And they didn’t disappoint: it was fucking awesome. We were in front of the stage, with the moshpit right behind us.. so it got pretty wild ;). I didn’t make any pictures, and the only guy I saw making pictures had to be evacuated because it got so messy… but i found some pictures on Flickr anyway :)

And a great YouTube video.. Less Talk, More Rock and Haille Selssasse up your ass. We’re the only ones holding hands during Haille Sellasse lol:

And as a bonus, here’s Purina Hall of Fame:


Nine Inch Nails

July 11, 2009

Last wednesday we went to see NIN in Amsterdam for their Wave Goodbye tour. I missed them the last time they were visiting the Netherlands, so I was glad I got a second chance to shell out some money and finally see them.
The selection of songs was diverse, even some songs from the Pretty Hate Machine album, as well as from Further down the spiral, Broken, The Fragile, The Downward Spiral … and of course the new albums as well. All in all, it was the perfect mix of old and new songs, and if I ever have the chance to see them again, I’ll be there.

Next up: Propagandhi!


Booker T. & the M.G.’s

March 29, 2009

Saturday March 21st we went to see Booker T. & the MG’s; you can find a review here. It was much more crowded than the previous week, when John Cale and Vic Chesnutt performed. I didn’t bring my camera, but instead I borrowed some pictures from the previously mentioned site.
My review: they were awesome, and I got to hear my favourite songs (Green Onions and Hip Hug Her).



The Black Angels in Paradiso

December 14, 2008

Previous thursday (December 11) we went to see the Black Angels in Paradiso. It was pretty neat, and the crowd was appreciative as well. The sound was ok, but the volume of the voice was too weak. But the droning was still pretty nice, so it was not a big problem :P.

Black Angels, Paradiso

The Black Angels, Paradiso

The Black Angels, Paradiso

The Black Angels, Paradiso


Mogwai in Oosterpoort, Cohen in Ahoy

November 11, 2008

On saturday (Nov. 1) we went to see Mogwai in the Oosterpoort, Groningen. We saw them before, but it was already a long time ago, and I didn’t listen to their music for a long time. Still, it was nice to see them in such a small town. It was fairly crowded, but I don’t think it sold-out. They played really well, much better than I remembered from the previous time.

Here are some pics, from here

Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai

Two days after that, on monday Nov 3rd, we went to see the poet of all poets, Leonard Cohen. We’d seen him in July already, but after seeing him once we couldn’t let the chance go by to see him one more time. Charming and humble as ever, he played for approximately 3 hours, so we were lucky it was a seated show. We weren’t allowed to bring our camaras, but here are some pro images. The sound quality in Ahoy still sucks, but Cohen’s sound engineers made it suck much less than with the Cure.

Cohen Cohen

Cohen Cohen

Cohen Cohen


Leonard Cohen

August 1, 2008

Approximately 2 weeks ago, we saw Leonard Cohen performing in the Westerpark (Amsterdam). He was really charming, suave (especially with his hat), and was very generous to the band and to the public. He did two sets, after which he came back for the encores. He was such a passionate singer, clenching his fist, sitting on his knee… Truly a wonderful performance.

I’m happy to say we’ll see him at least one more time, in the beginning of November. The bad news is he’ll perform in Ahoy, of which I’m not too fond (sound quality was very bad the last time). But I have confidence that the soundguy from Leonard Cohen will amaze me like he did in the Westerpark. And we have much better seats now, so all in all I’m optimistic.


Dance Me to the End of Love
The Future
Ain’t No Cure for Love
Bird on the Wire
Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen/Sharon Robinson)
In My Secret Life (Leonard Cohen/Sharon Robinson)
Who by Fire
Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Tower of Song
Gypsy Wife
Boogie Street (with Sharon Robinson)
I’m Your Man
Take This Waltz (Leonard Cohen after Federico Garcia Lorca)

So Long, Marianne
First We Take Manhattan
Sisters of Mercy
If It Be Your Will
Closing Time
I Tried to Leave You
Whither Thou Goest


Roger Waters in Landgraaf

May 14, 2008

Last weekend (Sunday, May 11th) we went to see Roger Waters in Landgraaf. As Landgraaf is at the other side of the Netherlands (judged from Groningen, Friesland and Amsterdam) we decided to stay in Maastricht for a couple of days (friday to monday). We had a great time (and nice weather!) exploring the city and surroundings. On sunday we went to see Roger Waters performing the complete ‘dark side of the moon’ -album, along with some songs from his own carreer and some Pink Floyd songs. The performance was nothing short of phenomenal; a lot of visual effects along with explosions, flying pigs, large screens, a giant prism, excellent sound (the quadrophonic system used made that you could hear explosions from all directions during e.g. ‘Bring the boys back home’), and an enthusiastic Roger and band.

Some reviews (mostly in Dutch) can be found here.
I had a great time, and if I ever get the chance to see him again, I’ll be there.

The band consisted of:

Roger Waters – Bass And Vocals
Carol Kenyon – Backing Vocals
Chester Kamen – Guitars And Bass
Dave Kilminster – Guitar And Vocals
Graham Broad – Drums
Harry Waters – Hammond Organ
Ian Ritchie – Saxophone
Jon Carin – Keyboards And Vocals
PP Arnold – Backing Vocals
Snowy White – Guitar
Sylvia Mason James – Backing Vocals


Set 1:
In the Flesh
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V
Have a Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Southampton Dock
The Fletcher Memorial Home
Perfect Sense, Part I
Perfect Sense, Part II
Leaving Beirut

Set 2:
Speak to Me
On the Run
Breathe (reprise)
The Great Gig in the Sky
Us and Them
Any Colour You Like
Brain Damage

The Happiest Days of Our Lives
Another Brick in The Wall Part II
Bring the Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb

Some pics from this show are shown below. Although we were not that far removed from the stage (though we couldn’t count Roger’s wrinkles), most of the photos suck. Erik Luyten did it a lot better (maybe press -entrance?). Well, here they are: (The bottom 2 photos were made by Erik; see his Flickr page).

(The gallery is a little fucked-up; it doesn’t take you directly to the full -size image … )